De los gurus de las ventas🎆 #jimrohn "Que tus clientes perciban él valor de tu producto es la clave para maximizar las ofertas y llegar a la venta"✌ la correcta comunicación mejora las probabilidades de ventas. 👍

The power of action. 30 months ago our back yard looked like this. 17 months ago we started planting. Now our back yard looks a little different and so does our entire Zone 1. Jim Rohn asks what are the reasons for the seed, the soil, the seasons and the rain? To see what you can make of it! #jimrohn #foodforest #food401k Observe the masses and do the opposite

“Controle USTED su vida.” -Jim Rohn Somos gente diferente invirtiendo tiempo ⏳ y esfuerzo 😰 en ayudar a hacer un 🌎 mundo más saludable y feliz 😁🙌 generando INGRE$O$ 💵 por encima del promedio‼️ Únete al equipo‼️ . . . #diadeoficina #martes #amigos #socios #negocios #herbalife #camilocruz #metas #jimrohn #paraunavidamejor

...Con le ali dell’amore ho volato oltre le mura, perché non si possono mettere limiti all’amore e ciò che amor vuole amor osa...ROMEO&GIULIETTA❤️


🌸If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary. 🌺✨ 🌺 🌸 🌹 #jimrohn #lomyjob #especially #motivational #herbalifenutrition #strong #powerwoman

This little girl wrote everything you need to know. Let me add a couple of words . Let people Think small but not YOU . Let others Dream small but not YOU . Let others live without Vision, Purpose or Meaning but not YOU . Let people live a life without inspiring themselves or others but not YOU . A little paragraph from a tiny Man hoping to help you make a positive difference. . My friends Dream Big and act accordingly. Until the next time be brave and behave 💪

♡💙Cuida de tu cuerpo. Es el único lugar que tienes para vivir.♡💙💪💪 #JimRohn.♡

"Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins." Jim Rohn #personalgrowth #jimrohn #herbalife #legacy #truth #faith #selflove #miracles #strongself

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Sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind