⚡⚡⚡Cnc machine driver first test. I finished one great code for arduino uno as McuFriend TFT display control unit, as you might noticed, I used STM32 as Control unit which would receive serial data from laptop and control 3 stepper motor drivers and arduino uno as display driver. For communication unsuccessfully tried using serial communication cause Uno had free serial port and STM32 also has got 3 Serial ports, but there are some problems with STM32 with using other serial ports, so I tried using SoftwareSerial library and make serial port on specific GPIO pins, but that didn't work also. I2C communication pins on Uno weren't free, they are used by TFT touchscreen shield, so only communication left was SPI communication which now works great. For this communication I had to go depper in hardware innterupts and registers to receive SPI data from STM32, so after 2 days of learning and experimenting I was finaly able to make this great code. The basic idea of this communication was to send String with xPosition, yPosition, font size and color and that data should decode arduino Uno and display on Screen, cause everything should be really fast I used hardware innterupts which gave me all loop free without carying about communication, also Stm32 can send x and y positions of current cnc machine pointer and that data can be displayed on screen. There are also some functions to control some visual designing tools of the screen. ⚡Only current problem is that one stepper motor has much lower torque than expected, so I think I have to buy new one, but that won't stop me from making this Cnc machine on next days. #alexandar_as5 #electronics #creation #arduino #arduinonano #programming #mitai2 #app #diy #doityourself #make #screen #tft #stepper #step motor #motor #stm32 #Blue pill #processing #work #job #programmingislife

Digital conversion circuit for measuring distance without microcontroller Here, STM32 BLUE PILL is only used to get precise 18kHz frequency with duty cycle of 50% Detail description : -As the main part of this measuring system there's HC-SR05 - not very accurate sensor for measuring distance without physical contact -To read sensor's data, digital logic converter must send 10uS length pulse to trigger input, after various time, echo pin gives ttl pulse on it's output which length duration is time which ultrasound wave needs to travel from source to object and backwards back to source. -the main part of this projects are fast sn74ls160 counters which counts up modulated pulses form and gate sn74ls21, but for precision you must have really stable and accurate oscilators, in my case it's stm32 - - - known as blue pill which has really accurate 16bit timers, but ne555 will also do the job -measuring is represented on 8 leds, where first four are one digit, and other for leds are 10 times more weighted digit, this kinda output is known as BCD code and this code could be simply converted to decimal numbers with sn74hc47 - BCD code converters for seven segment displays #electronics #arduino #arduinonano #arduinouno #programming #projects #alexandar_as5 #diy #creative #doityourself #stm32 #electronic #hc-sr05 #invent