Medaka-Aufzucht nach japanischem Vorbild.

Might just have to get some more Golden bee shrimp! 🦐 #alphaaquatics

IAPLC 2018 calling..

Here you can see how I fill in the bays after having planted all the way round. Keep this technique in mind, next time you plants a carpet. In worst case - if you run out plant material the plants will fill in the space towards the glass by themselves. #rescape170project #eleocharis #eleocharismini #12grow #dwarfhairgrass 🌱 by @tropicaaquariumplants

When planting eleocharis, I always start around the hardscape, next I fill the bigger bays and finally I start working towards the glass in all directions. This way I ensure the final result looks evenly spread in case I don’t have enough plants to cover the entire soil which is always optimum. #rescape170project #eleocharis #eleocharismini #12grow #dwarfhairgrass 🌱 by @tropicaaquariumplants

18 pots of Eleocharis mini, divided each into 40 portions = 720 individual portions total!!! Let’s have some fun planting 🙃 #rescape170project #eleocharis #eleocharismini #12grow #dwarfhairgrass 🌱 by @tropicaaquariumplants