Moody morning. Vincent is interested in my Misty Mountain wabi kusa :)

Les joints sont presque terminés 🙌🏼 il ne me reste plus que ça à faire ! (J’ai fait beaucoup de pauses... entre les jours de canicule et les jours de pluie + ceux des travaux à l’intérieur). J’espère finir la semaine prochaine 💪🏼 bon et du coup j’en profite pour vous montrer l’évolution de nos plantes aquatiques en deux mois 🌿😍 et Hollie qui guette les rats 🐀 qui nous rendent fous en ce moment (champs fauchés) ... on a des dégâts de dingue (énorme réseau de galeries dans nos murs de dépendances) 😬🙈

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I've had this aquatic anubias for over four years now and today I discovered that it's been making babies! I hope my grafting efforts onto bogwood will prove successful and it will extend its roots and latch on as I'm purely relying on gravity for this one. #aquaticplants #freshwatertank #tropicaltank #aquascaping #plants #aquaticgarden

After a few HOURS of packing, I have finished packing all my aquatic plants. I'm moving and I'm lucky I have time to clean/move in slowly, so I'm moving tanks completely first so when I move the actual fish, they will have a home ready to go into. I still need to break down the rest of the tanks but at least I've got my plants! (And very pruney hands) #aquaticplants #plants #plantedtank #aquarium #moving

Indian Almond Leaves Size Small 7inches 3️⃣ for $1 Size Medium 8inches 2️⃣ for $1 Size Large 10inches 4️⃣ for $3 These are a MUST for betta fish owners, they are used to create natural enviroment for bettas and even any other tropical fish or shrimps! They can balance the pH and Also helps to heal from wounds and diseases (you will also need some antibiotic), they are used to simply rest your fish after shipping or being stressed. I can have these leaves in my bucket of tap water and leave them in there for 24 hours, then I can use that water without even adding conditioner to take out chlorine! It is true, I have done it many times. Shrimps can eat these too. If you want your bettas or shrimps to have a healthy life, you will need these! I ALSO HAVE ALMOND LEAF EXTRACT (liquid form) #aqua #aquarium #aquascape #aquascaping #shrimp #betta #bettafish #bayareabettas #aquaeverything #fishtank #ada #uns #freshwater #plants #aquaticplants