Looking for something FUN to do today? 😃 Why not have a game... of "Eye Spy"!? Great for visual processing - and these "eye spy" bottles give the game a fun little twist! Fill a bottle with rice or small beads, and hide a variety of items inside. Make a list of the items, and then try and "spy" them!A fun game at home or on the go, courtesy of @EYtishylishy Show us your eye spy bottles! 🕵

Crafts complete and it's only 7am. Who needs sleep when you have kids. #doubletroubleboyz #Autismspeaks #bosscodayz

I would be grateful to anyone willing and able to share or donate to an autism speaks fundraiser I've posted. I'll be leaving my Facebook active for these next two weeks while it's running. This is very important to me personally. And the people at @autismspeaks have done some incredible things for people on the spectrum and for mental illness awareness in general. Link will be in my bio #fundraiser #autism #autismawareness #autismspeaks #spectrum #asd

My friend Becky has a pretty awesome blog following the daily struggles and triumphs faced while raising her daughter with autism, who has also recently been diagnosed with JIA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Her blog is pretty informative and might also help other parents facing similar issues with resources within the autism community. Don't forget to follow!! It's easy!! It's free!! 😆 Lincoln isn't impressed, but that's just cuz he can't read yet. #bodypositivity #bopo #selfimprovement #bebetterdobetter #healthy #mentalhealth #innerpeace #growth #family #fertility #infertility #diabetes #thebestaddition #marriage #adulting #autism #autistastic #JIA #juvenileidiopathicarthritis #ketogenicdiet #keto #catsofinstagram #lincoln #blackcat #autismspeaks #autismawareness

Hey guys! I’m going to tell you our experience with the dentist. Unfortunately it’s not a good one . Lyla truly hates the dentist. Now she will brush her teeth by herself and good. Before it was a big sensory issue. I had to physically restrain her. Get on top of her hold her arms with my legs and brush. She would be screaming crying yelling. When we would go to the dentist, same issue. She would get nervous and then I would have to hold her wrap my legs around her and one dental assistant would hold her hands and the other her face for the doctor could look. It still gets bad but now she actually allows them to take X-rays. But when it’s time to clean and put fluoride she gets super upset! About 2 years ago Lyla was still using a pacifier and a bottle. That is totally my fault, I should’ve took it away from her sooner but that was the only way she would drink milk. Lyla is a very picky eater before she would only drink Pediasure for years (I will get into detail about her eating habits in another post). Well due to her using her pacifier and bottle at night she got some cavities. The dentist told me the only way that they will be able to fix the issue is by doing dental surgery. They would have to put her to sleep with anesthesia. I cried I was terrified, there was just a story in the news of a little girl who died for being put under for dental surgery. She had a deadly reaction to the anesthesia. The dentist assured me everything would be ok and that has never happened at the hospital that they will do the surgery. Came the day of the surgery, I had the support of her grandmothers. They came with me. We where all scared for our little Lyla but had faith in the dentist. We had to go about 2 hours early and we got assigned a room. It is a children’a hospital, so they had clowns and toys even a dog. Lyla was entertained with toys and the clown blowing bubbles, until it was time to give her medicine. (The nurse told me the medicine was to get her little drowsy and buzzed, to be relaxed for surgery). Well Lyla doesn’t do well with drinking medicine, she always spits it out. (Please look at comments)

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