I have thought a lot in the recent time about the current market situatiion. For now, it is very hard to make any accurate technical analysis. *Why?* As you all have sure noticed, 95% of all alts follow the trend of Bitcoin. While BTC is bearish, most alts will follow even if all technical indicators gives us positive signs for a bullish trend on a specific coin. There are always some exceptions, but when BTC is bearish, its hard not to find them, worse. *What to do in such a situation?* Well, there are two options. The first one is crying, becoming weak, sell your position and regret it later. The other option is, not worrying how the market goes and making money in both ways, bearish and bullish trend. If you choose the second option, then you have learnt a very important and impectful rule for trading & investing: *Do not cross emotions and your mind while trading!* This was never profitable and will never be! *Why is this important?* As Buffet said: "The stock market takes money from inpatient and gives it to the patient". This is also accurate for the crypto market. When you really believe in a project, why should you sell it because of a 5%, 10%, 15% 20% drop when you know it will gain much more but it takes time. If we look at the very long-term Bitcoin chart, *we see that it is still in the bullish trend.* It had a massive spike in price, this correction was predictable and *is very healthy!!* *What should you do in this situation?* I have mentioned two options before, are you choosing option one or two? If you choose option two, take action & adventage of the current market. There are different possibilities in what you can do, swingtrade, daytrade etc. I will still provide analysis to different coins, but I recommend you strong *NOT* to enter them with high capital.

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BRAVE COMIENZA PRUEBAS DE SU SISTEMA PUBLICITARIO DE REMUNERACIÓN A USUARIOS. El proyecto Brave, navegador de Internet basado en blockchain, anunció que estará realizando pruebas con algunos de sus usuarios sobre el nuevo modelo de publicidad web que proponen, y que beneficia a los usuarios, anunciantes y a las páginas web que publican estos anuncios. El modelo permite configurar la publicidad emitida de acuerdo a las preferencias del usuario del navegador. Desde el año pasado Brave implementa el sistema de pagos de su navegador con el criptoactivo BAT, lo que permitía utilizar blockchain para remunerar a los creadores de contenido y páginas web. . . Más información sobre el mundo de la Criptomoneda ⬇️⬇️⬇️ www.MiMundoCripto.com @mimundocripto . . . . Fuente: CriptoNoticias . . . #bitcoins #bitcoinnews #bitcoininfo #coin #coins #btc #crypto #Money #MiMundoCripto #criptomonedas #Bitcoin #Blockchain #criptonoticias #criptoinfo #crypto #cryptocurrency #Ethereum #bch #cointelegraph #cash #dinero #antminer #gpuetherum #latinos #wallet #bitcoinprice

So, the market has been steady for the past few days, but still we can analyze and take advantage of a detailed and protifable analysis! Litecoin remains in a lateral movement after the downtrend experienced the last days fluctuating between a resistance line of $98.5 and a support line of $93. First, if the candlestick breaks out the resistance line, we will take a LONG position to reach our 1st Target at $102 (4%), if this happens, then the price could reach our 2nd Target at $112 (14.28%). In the other hand, if the candlestick breaks out our support line, we will take a SHORT position and wait for the price to hit 1st Target at $85 (13.26%) or the price might as well hit 2nd Target at $78 (10.20%). Follow us in Tradingview @EC-Crypto📊💰. - 🇪🇸 El mercado se ha mantenido relativamente estable los ultimos dias, sin embargo, con los movimientos que se estan dando aun podemos tomar ventaja de nuestros analisis. En estos momentos Litecoin se encuentra en un mercado lateral luego de la caida experimentada los ultimos dias, fluctuando entre una resistecia de $98.5 y un soporte de $93. En primer lugar, si rompe la resistencia tomamos posicion LONG hasta nuestro Target 1 en $102 (4%). Dicho esto, si logramos nuestro T1 el precio puede buscar el Target 2 en $112 (14.28%). Por otro lado, si rompre nuestro soporte tomamos posicion SHORT hasta nuestro Target 1 $85 (13.26%) igualmente si alcanzamos nuestro T1 el precio puede buscar el Target 2 en $78 (10.20%) y obtener mayor rentabilidad. Síguenos en Tradingview @EC-Crypto 📊💰

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仮想通貨が銀行を崩壊させる!バノン氏の強い期待 . The virtual currency will collapse the bank! Mr. Vannon's strong expectation

セサミストリートと学ぶブロックチェーンの仕組み . How Sesame Street and Blockchain Learn

ビットコインキャッシュの慈善団体が南スーダンで食糧供給 . Charity bodies of bit coin cash provide food supply in South Sudan

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