“I like my makeup so cakey, when I hug your man I leave a mark on his shirt”

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He was a big wave surfer


It really annoys me seeing Selena fans talking shit about Justin. Yes I wasn’t as fond of him as I used to and I didn’t agree with all of his actions. I was actually mad at him for a little while. But to talk shit about him being engaged to Hailey. Saying that Hailey didn’t win anything because he’s not anything special. When it comes down to it Justin has a very good heart. Hailey thinks that he’s an incredible person and always has thought that about him. To her she feels honored to be with him because of the kind of person he is. Y’all go by rumors and what the media says when you don’t even know these people in real life. Don’t be salty because Hailey got the ring and Selena didn’t. You can be happy he’s staying away from Selena now. But why have other opinions when you should just stick to being happy jelena is over. It’s because you’re a little salty that Selena didn’t get the ring. I’m sorry but it’s the truth don’t know where I’m going with this rant but it’s over.

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Do well in school and get a good job because the more money you make the more puppies you can adopt and puppies are the root of happiness.

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