Barwon heads repaint completion. Quantum Aquaoil Charcoal applied to all the texture cladding & doesn’t it look on point 🔥 That grain 👌👌 We also stripped and refinished all the timber windows in Haymes Uvex. Both quality timber products 👌 With so many products on the market these days knowledge in timber finishing is a must to protect it correctly from all the harsh elements 💦🌨🌞

Coming soon! Renders by @mark_anthony_design

Hanging some 2nd hand bi fold doors, a sand and a final coat of varnish and they will be good to go


And now we return to the scene of the crimes, Of the twilit-dawn toils heaped line upon line, And the stairwells that witnessed the thousands of climbs, By the few that survived from the Class of ‘09. #architecture #building #providence #rhodeisland #school #design