However, the virtual #currency remained bid over the weekend and rose to $6,400 which was expected despite the low participation by #investors. Prices rose above $6,300 on Saturday however, now trading numbers dropped to just over $2.90 billion USD, this is the lowest level since the start of last November. On Thursday, #Bitcoin has a low of $6,080 however, Bitcoins recovery to $6,600 has boosted the low on the chart which is a #bullish setup. Prices seem to be looking like they’re going to test the endurance of the current $6,838 price. What this means is that Bitcoin are on the right track to being on the right side of the neckline. Nevertheless, it is wise to be careful in this market as the digital currency looks like it could be ‘overbought’. The #RSI (relative strength index) is the highest it’s been in months, which means that the currency has being bought a lot more since the end of April this year. #cryptocurrencies #cryptonews #btcnews #altcoins #bullishtrend