Beautiful crop of shiitake heading to the @cyfarmersmarket and @memfarmersmkt tomorrow. Come n’ git it yall🤠 . . . . . . #farmersmarket #shiitake #901 #chooselocal #mushroomfarm #choosememphis

Alice in Wonderland

To the healers and feelers of the world; be kind to yourself first

@stacim92 and I explored today 👣

@collinc54 bff pictured above ⬆️

Is @collinc54 releasing a country album or is that just me having fun with my camera

The original signs on old buildings are my favorite!

Why does a duck have feathers?! To cover its butt QUACK Ahah ahaha somebody love me pls 🤣

Bridge architecture

I really like the different textures I was able to capture in this photo; the brick, wood, and water. It creates a certain vibe and I’m really diggin’ it.

The Old Mill