Term 3 starts this Saturday! We are looking forward to seeing returning students and welcoming new faces to the Studio. There are still some paces available in our workshops. Come sculpt with us! For more info, head to our website - link in profile.

I was meant for more then what I am currently ‘being’ . I was born to stand completely in my power . I was born to shine so bright that it gives others the strength to do the same . I have a knowing that I am here to help hundreds and thousands of people? . There’s got to be more to this life then watching people I love spend more time making a living then ACTUALLY LIVING! . I know there’s more written in my stars . But why so afraid?am I afraid I truly don’t believe I deserve to live my best life?Or am so fearful of everything that comes with the choice to live that life? Am I fearful of the people I love falling away? Am I fearful of ‘not’ achieving the things I set out to achieve? Or could it be that I am fearful of being powerful beyond all measure and holding the reigns and writting my story? . It’s taken 33 years of lessons, losing family members, Post Natal depression, watching people become slave to their stories, gaining everything effortlessly, then sabotaging myself time and time again because of the ‘STORIES’ & the ‘SELF TALK’ of just basically not being worthy to completely be free, be powerful, not being as good as or as deserving as other people, so stepping back & completely retreating within to myself, why do you do this To yourself? Create your own pain? . ..........the most recent lesson losing my fur baby . We live 80 years of good health (average)we think we have such a LONG time here,plenty of time to do, to be the things we want to be so we walk through life like a zombie,we waste days and years not completely stepping into our light, definitely not living a present life, we fly through the days of the week and we live for the weekend......what the actually F? Living for 2 out of 7 days? You’ve GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! . 3 biggest lessons have come from flowers, dogs and children! . dogs👉🏼love unconditionally, are always happy, they don’t live for ‘things’, & the most important thing for them is family . Children👉🏼 never dim their light, that’s why you can’t stop watching them, they just shine inhibition free & present . Flowers👉🏼 they don’t wait for permission to bloom. They just do it! . LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY, BE PRESENT, & SHINE BABY

$10 Burgers All Night // 5-10pm// $5 Add Ons // @boilingpointcomedy on LVL 2 7:30 //

Those who know me, know that I rarely appear in shirtless photoshoots. So, recently I had my first beach photo session — Figured I should try to become more confident in sharing these. Ps. That squint though! Haha!

Just a short video of what I found a couple of days ago in North Bondi! Its incredible what you can find with some patience and when you don’t look at your phone for a while... Go out there and do stuff.

Come on down to 195 Glouchester Street, The Rocks to try our famous PIGGY SMALLS 🐽🐽 - sticky glazed pork belly coupled or our CRAZY JOE DIVOLA salad with grilled chicken breast 🙌 #KANSASCITYSHUFFLE.

sunset scattering.

On behalf of all our staff, we would like to thank Roula for hosting her 60th birthday at Nieo’s Grille and an extended thank you to the Dinis family for their support over the years. We truly appreciate it. Here’s a message sent by the family that we received. “Hi guys I just wanted to say thankyou for the endless amounts of amazing food and the outstanding service Anisha and your team gave , it was definately the best venue we could have chosen to celebrate our beautiful mothers 60th. On behalf of my father, mother, brothers and our families thankyou NIEOS is like our home for food away from home 😍😍” ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #nieosgrille #appreciationpost #birthday #earlwood

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On Monday morning I was scraping ice off the window because it was so cold. Today it’s just me, my laptop and this gorgeous view (oh and a few brides and tourists of course). What a stunning warm winters day!!

🇦🇺 10 Days’ Away from the Longest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century _________________________ Get ready. The countdown is on to the 28 July 2018 Saturday Micro Full Moon 🌕 which will also feature the longest duration total lunar eclipse of the 21st century (about 1hr 42mins 57secs). Start planning for the best vantage point to capture the moment. . . Lucky SYDNEY will see a significant portion of the action. 4:24am - partial eclipse begins 5:30am - total eclipse begins 6:21am - maximum eclipse 6:55am - moonset for Sydney . . . Hope the weather will be kind to us all on that day 😊 _________________________ 📷 Last night’s Waxing Crescent 🌙 in Sydney, Australia _________________________ . . . . . . . . #naturephoto #watchthisinstagood #awesome_earthpix #natureaddict #nature_wizards #awesomeearth #naturediversity #ourplanetdaily #earth_deluxe #instanaturelover #nature_prefection #allnatureshots #nature_brilliance #fantastic_earth #unlimitedplanet #stargazing #planetdiscovery #welivetoexplore #seeaustralia #exploreaustralia #australiagram #ilovesydney #ig_australia #cityofsydney #crescentmoon #mytravelgram #nikond850 #moonshot