PEOPLE VOTED AGAINST FAYOSE, NOT ELEKA - Opinion. .... No reasonable person will drink from a stream that has bad source. People voted against Fayose not Eleka.No one is majority.The downfall of a man begins the day he calls himself ' I AM THAT I AM' no one can share God's glory.Everybody is relevant is politics.In politics 200 fools are better than 20 professors because politics is a game of numbers.No one is majority. .... Fayemi is not the best man for the job,we all know but no man can cage Ekiti.For those that collected #5000 from APC and #4000 from PDP,please for God's sake don't complain for bad or poor governance because you have collected your dividends for the next four years.The money you collected yesterday was a loan,it must be paid back with interest,is common sensical,Fayemi spent billions in 2014 he loss the election,now he spend another billions but he wins now.You know what it means.Be prepared,civil servants 'in okun o' .... For those close to Fayemi please help me beg him to make security of lives and properties as his priority,if that is all he can achieve I think I am okay.Because I know that people have eaten in pregnancy what their unborn children suppose to eat.Once again congratulatulations to Dr.Kayode Fayemi 'the governor elect of Ekiti state. Please don't disturb GOD on issue of Ekiti we have chosen exactly what we want.I am gently watching. #Copied.

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Back when Liliam Thuram, Zinedine Zidane, Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry brought the cup home, little N'Golo was picking up trash to support his migrant family. He never watched a football match. He couldn't afford to. That victory in '98, however, changed the face of French football as we know it today. Little N'Golo embarked on his football career the following year. It started when he gave up on his hourly wages which supported his family and swapped trash for a football. He was the smallest. He couldn't head a ball. His left foot was non-existent. Little N'Golo is a player beyond technical ineptness. He isn't your Ragnar sword piercing through the final third, as sweet as a hot knife through butter but the Viking shield that protects your territory from an armada of battleships. Nineteen years back then and now, he is the same kid, working an extra hour in training, running the extra mile, shying away from the spotlight and always smiling. The only difference? He is a World Champion today. #champ #champion #copied #worldchampion #france🇫🇷 #ngolokante #kante #lesblues #football #fifa #worldcup #hestoppedmessi #chelsea #peace 💙

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#copied you look at him and something look at your soul you feel naked in terms of your acts, your thoughts, goals and desrires, be submissive like a child surrender to his/her mother. Feelings start pouring out of you like a natural fountain of water. Like you meet someone for who you have been waiting for all your life. Like finding a answer is your life's goal but you don't want that answer anymore.. you don't want anything at all, all love, money, fame, materialistic goods seems like nothing. That one flick of the second is all that matters. It is all there is. After that very moment nothing will be there before that moment nothing was there. All your knowledge all your ego all your acts till that moment are nothing but the desire of supreme. He is the one who is everything, all that matters is that something. you cannot express what you feel only he can tell you what you really feel only he can let you write what he wants you to write. #shiva #mahadev #mahakall #lordshiva

कोई मजनूँ कोई फरहाद बना फिरता है, इश्क़ में हर कोई उस्ताद बना फिरता है ! बाग़ में ऐसी हवाओं का चलन आम हुआ, फूल सा हाथ भी फौलाद बना फिरता है !! (इमरान आमी) #copied

#copied طب يا جماعة أنا بقالي أسبوع بقرأ كتاب عالمي لتفسير القرآن.. حلو جداً جداً جداً هو لسه نازل قريب وما شاء الله الإقبال عليه كبير.. بيعتمد ع إنك تفهم القرآن و تعمل بيه و ده جماله.. الكتاب مُمتع لأقصى درجة. أنا قرأت تدبر الجزء الاول منه حلو جداً.. أولاً متقسم لوقفات تدبرية و ليه رب العالمين قال الآية دي بعد الآية دي و بيخليك تتواصل مع القرآن بإنه يقولك تستفاد ايه من الآية دي و ازاي تعمل بيها و ده جمال لو تعلمون عظيم جداً :"))) و بادئ التطبيق او الكتاب ب عن ابن مسعود أنه قال.. كان الرجلُ منا اذا تعلم عشر آيات لا يجاوزهن إلى العشر الأخر حتي يعرف معانيهن ويعمل بما فيهن . متوفر في #بوكتوبيا فرع الأباصيري بخصم كبير جدا وسعر 125ج فقط

Sometimes the nice thing to do with a gutar is just look at it😂@shiraz_aryal #copied

Bub saw this cake on Insta/Pinterest. Had to have it. I didn't feel like making it from scratch. Nor did I want to order a customized cake. So I just went with something in the middle-ish. Picked this up from @wholefoods on the way to the party. They had plenty of cakes from which to choose. Cut out a little chunk. Added in some crumbled cookies. Et voilà! #easypeasy #diy #shortcut #copied #constructioncake #chocolatechocolatechocolate #3rdbirthday

Hats off to Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, President of Croatia. She attended every Croatia match at the World Cup, travelled in economy class and sat with the fans in the stadium. She refused to take any pay for her days not at work. Now that’s leadership. And she consoled every one of her losing Croatian team and congratulated every one of the winning French team #Copied from Twitter #Croatia #WorldCupFinal

लालबाबु पनि रैछ्न त ।आजको म्याच गजब हुने भो । एमबापे को काका पर्दा रैछ्न नि उनी त।😂😂😂 #copied