17 weeks and here are my stats: I’m 31 lbs soaking wet, I prefer to be next to my Ma 24/7, I prance like I’m running on water, I love the tiny female human MOST of the time, I do not like to be told no when I really want something, I’ve learned almost every command seamlessly, I’m growing like a weed, my energy rarely runs thin, I love to suckle-yes suckle, a tiny little monkey that sleeps w me, I LIVE for bones & cry sometimes when I chew on one, everyone tells me I’m beautiful and I completely agree, I forage off my yard because why not?!, I’m getting used to this ear & nail dremel thing and mostly, I’m a huge sweetheart 💗🐎💗. #maverick #17weeks #dogsofinstagram

What do you think she bribed us with to get us to pose for this pic? 🥓 🍪🍦 🍿