This is my, i believe to be an albino Brichardi Cichlid & his name is Bully. Got him as a fry along with his brother but Bully ate him. #cichlids #freshwateraquarium #aquarium

she attak and she snak

Everyone is invited to the Grindal Worms Buffet. No discrimination here, all are welcome to participate! 🐠🐠🐠 🌿 This is my big tank in the house (I know it’s ugly!) non planted but I keep a wide variety of fish which I can get for future scapes. Because you don’t want to setup a tank and go to your LFS and they don’t have a stock of the fish you like! They are harmoniously living together 🌿 Do you feed your fish with Grindal worms?

Beautiful Celestichthys margaritatus, one of my favourite. Whats your favourite freshwater fish? . ⬇️Comment below⬇️ . Follow @akvaplant for more amazing posts ⭐️ Tag a friend who would love to see this #fish By @yuk.aquarium

Our freshwater aquarium. It's been cycling for about a week now, though we had to do a 90% water change. It seems to be going well other than that. First snail is Gary, then Olive, Molly, a new baby mystery snail that just showed up, Flipin,and the last one is Bibi, they are the brown ball in the corner 😊 #freshwatertank #freshwatersnail #freshwateraquarium #mysterysnail #mystery #babies #mybabies #snail #snails #snailsofinstagram

The heat is getting to the tiger barbs 😞

one of my pea puffers