The fry tank looks lit. #mauriceaquariums #goldfishfry

Rescued this little guy! He’s only a couple of weeks old; somehow he managed to survive weeks in a tank with adult goldfish before I spotted him 🐟 #goldfish #goldfishfry

As I have officially finished college I have decided to take more pride in the photos I capture, which means that the quality will improve as well as the subject. To begin with I thought that I would give you an update on my goldfish fry 🐠 Let’s address the issue first - two of my fry are not in a good shape. After going to my local fish store I have found out that these two fry have velvet - a disease that I have never treated for or come across. They gave me a treatment to use however it is not making any improvements, the treatment is Aquarium’s anti internal bacteria 🤔 The only active ingredient is Chloramine T and the person I spoke to also gave me a tapsafe to use which gets rid of Chloramine 😅 No. I don’t understand either! I have not taken pictures of the fry which are infected, however I was going to euthanise one of them this evening because the velvet has taken over it’s entire body - it has lost the ability to open it’s mouth. After thinking over and over of its welfare, I have decided to give it another chance and find another medication. Wish me luck! 🐠 #goldfish #goldfishunion #goldfishkeepers #goldfishfry #goldfishbabies #goldfishbaby #fish #fishkeeping #fishkeepers

Happy 90-day birthday, Koroks! You're beautiful! 😍😍😍 (90-days old @ 4.00" from lip to tail) . . I'm so proud of these guys! These babies have brought nothing but joy to my life -- it has been a real honor and privilege to spawn and raise these guys to 90-days so far. . . They bring me to much joy because I brought them into this world, I check their water, I hatched them, I fed them and medicated them, and make their food and take care of them! I'm so proud of these guys! Thank you for gracing my life with your existence! I love you guys so much! . . #oranda #orandagoldfish #fish #goldfish #fancygoldfish #fancyorandagoldfish #goldfishunion #freshwateraquarium #goldfishcommunity #fishkeeping #goldfishkeepers #goldfishkeeper #goldfishkeeping #goldfishjunkie #goldfishofinstagram #aquariumhobby #fishtank #fishtanks #instafish #goldfishfry #fry #goldfishbabies #babyfish #orandafry #orandababies

This is the last night I'll have with the babs! They're going to @aquariumcoop tomorrow afternoon to find forever homes. The rainbow was both unexpected and appropriate for the moment. I'm feeling more emotional than I thought I would be. I'm just glad they're going to a really good shop with amazing employees who will make sure the kiddos go to a good home. Thank you @tehelfda for taking these photos! #goldfish #goldfishofinstagram #fancygoldfish #telescopeoranda #goldfishfry #3monthsold #beautifulgoodbye #imnotcryingyourecrying