Happy weekend...manado...😊😊... #breakfast #narsisdulu #happylifestyle ....

Schedules change and I don't always get my workout in earlier in the day, ☀️ but I've learned to love a good late night workout. 🌙🌟 Same feeling when it's DONE, no matter what time of day! 😜🙌

Live update Rifqi Sports Day 2018 . . Lets enjoy this moment babeh. . . Me, Arianna & Rifqi . . #happylifestyle #julianajurnal #rifqisport

happy friday ☀️ . . in high school, I was never the most fit or perfect looking person but I played sports and was pretty active. I was never happy with my body. I tried working out and dieting and nothing seemed to work. After going to college, I realized that there is way more to life than just what I looked like. I saw that every is unique and just because you aren’t the most fit doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful. . . This is when I learned so much about myself and especially how to love myself for who I am and how I look. Last year I started going to the gym almost everyday wanting to improve my body for me. Not to impress anyone or to show off. I wanted it for me. Since then, I have changed so much. I have more confidence, more self love, more motivation than I ever have felt before. Every pound I lose, makes me want to reach my goal even further. I love my body and my progress and I won’t let anyone tell me different because I am so proud of myself. . . I wanted to make this post to inspire others to love your body, love yourself because you are perfect no matter how you look. Make goals and crush them. When you are achieving goals and doing things for yourself, it makes it so much sweeter 💛

Mau ?😀😀 Sederhana tp sulit dilakukan ? Mari mencoba #happylifestyle #janganlupabahagia

Friday’s are seriously SWEET and boy is it time to #getthepartystarted! 🧡 Isn’t there room for a little party every day of the week though? It would sure help bring that happy “balance” we all seem to strive for. 🌈 Okay, so go with me on this... everybody get their day planners out and schedule a personal party for each day next week. 📆 Got it calendared? Good. 😘 I bet all my emojis that we’ll gain twice as much in productivity as a result. ⏱ I think I’ll start with 10 minutes a day. How about you?? 1️⃣0️⃣ Big time bonus points for 30 minute party planners! 🎉

Having great friends makes life all the more fun. ☺️💕 . . . #me #friends #happylifestyle #outnabout #smilemore

Awe Inspring morning!!!!!! With many, many, many amazing, intelligent, supportive, knowledgeable people.

the love i have for these girls surely isn’t WEAK 💛 #iykyk #soproud

When your workout calendar says you’re done for the weekend... I’m sorry, what?! 😍 Definitely going to keep focusing hard on nutrition this weekend while we get 2 rest days in a row, but so far, I’m so obsessed with this program!! Only one week in, and I already feel such a great balance between fitness, nutrition, and being able to enjoy life 🙌🏼

Even if you are more sensitive to life’s difficulties, emotional resilience is a trait that can be developed ~ and WORTH developing for many reasons, not the least of which is that it can transform your life and your experience of stress. So no more excuses of “ I was born sensitive.” Rather, you are resilient. 💪🏻 . . . #elaineglass #reinvent #bodymindsoul #selfcarematters #selflovejourney #soulsearcher #happylifestyle #vulnerability #supportive #womensupportwomen #womanempowerment #empoweringwomennow #freedom #relationshipcoach #emptynester #investinyou #girlonamission #accountabilitypartners #loveagain #youareworthy #confidenceiskey #happysouls #selfcompassion #emotionalhealth #ibelieveinyou #goalgetters #selfcarefirst #beyourbestyou #createyourself #healinghearts

Y la respuesta de mi pregunta de hace rato es : SI ES SALUDABLE😬💯🍕 como les dije en mi post anterior, siempre habrá la opción de hacerlo saludable y deliciosooo! Esta pizza es de ingredientes naturales y de harina integral. Recordando que también todo es por porción y una mejor opción! Tienen que ir a ver y probar más que nada 😂 todo lo que tiene este lugar, me encanto ♥️🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #justforfoood #healthychoices #pizza #pizzasaludable #healthyfood #healthypizza #pizzasaludable #greenboox #happylifestyle #fit #fitchoices #opcionessaludables #pizzatime #pizzalover #friyay #enjoy

A little adventure with my man 3 years ago ♥️ Je suis tellement reconnaissante d’avoir un homme aussi merveilleux dans ma vie. . . On ne se voit peut-être pas à tous les jours en raison de son travail lorsqu’il doit partir loin et tout ... MAIS quand il revient, on passe des moments de qualités ensemble. Il vient juste d’arriver qu’il repart déjà dimanche ... alors on s’arrange toujours que quand on se voit, ça compte 💑 Mais je t’avoue que ça m’a fait un petit pincement au coeur quand il a reçu l’appel et qu’il me l’a annoncé. Bref, il savait que je feelais soso ... . . Psst, je te raconte notre soirée d’hier 😍 . . En sortant du gym , mon chum, qui sait à quel point J’ADORE le lever/coucher du soleil, m’a amené au point le plus élevé de la ville pour qu’on puisse observer le coucher du soleil ensemble et apprécier le moment 🌅 C’était tellement beau, magique et ça m’a fait chaud au coeur. Les larmes ont coulés parce que je le trouvais tellement cute d’avoir pensé à faire ça ☀️♥️ . La beauté de la vie réside dans les petites choses, dans les petites attentions et dans les actions comme celle-ci. My heart is full - so grateful - la vie est tellement belle 😌

Picture from before today’s workout. Sadly no video from today’s gym sesh, but I will have one tomorrow!