Got my industrial done a couple days ago. It's still red and swollen and hurts, but it'll be worth it when I change the bar. #piercings #industrialpiercing

Style: we are passionate about staying true to our style, we will always have an edge and remain ahead of the design and fashion trends. #thgwhatwevalue

Quick Industrial 😉 done at @helltopaytattoos #industrialpiercing #instapiercing #londonpiercings #camdentown

Industria modificado esa Anatomía gracias hija por la confianza @ptytattoomusic @panamacityinkfest @inkladies507 @isneedles @painfulpleasures @todomundobodypiercing @industrialstrengthmexico @lbpasociacion @adamant_bodyjewelry @safepiercing Viva los #industrialpiercing