at my worst i'm better than most • being guided by my patience. change is inevitable. accepting the fact that this is time to cocoon myself and surrender to metamorphosis.

Gotta be fans before making money moves..😏 our song “On my Side ft. MAHDI” will be released through the label @_prototype_music_ soon!! Fully mastered and will BE PLAYED around festivals. TRUST.

Sometimes we feel like this ... we build a bridge that would lead us to understanding and we see that it will not get anywhere ... alone we can not realize what we imagine two ...

Itsssss fabulous husband fridayyyyyy. I just want to give a shout out to my fabulous hubs who is just all around incredible. He not only honored me with my dream of becoming a mother to a beautiful baby girl but multiplied that by TWO beautiful baby girls. AND just is an all around perfect daddy to our handsome little man. I couldn’t ask for a better life partner. I love you munch 😘❤️ . . . #superhubs #husbandmaterial #familygoals #ourbeautifullife #instahub #myworld❤️