What was that you said??? Kazooie the Lovebird enjoying some time outside. #peachfacedlovebird #lovebirds #birdsofinstagram

Pornni volando al atardecer. 🌱Tip: Dejarles libertad es la solución a muchos problemas de comportamiento, ya que cada agapornis es un mundo, y no todos actuan igual. Libres son ellos los que marcan el ritmo. . • . Pornni flying at sunset. 🌱Tip: Leaving them free is the solution to many behavioral problems, since each lovebirds is a world, and not everyone acts the same. Free they choose their own times.

All 3 in one frame (thou pink is not looking)

本日の習作は「水浴びコザクラインコ」。全身ビッショリになって飼い主の肩で乾かすんです。クサイ・・・。ホワイトワトソン紙190g Peachfaced lovebird bathed in the water. memories #PeachfacedLovebird #study #pencil