The rain coming down and thunder booming loud is just a wake up call for all to get out and VOTE today! #vote #louisville #kentucky #teacher #120strong #120united #librarian #votethemout #civicduty #righttovote #publiceducation #school #redfored

@tomsteyer gives an inspired #keynote speech at the Udall Dinner and Spirit of Arizona Award #banquet on 5/19/18. #democrat #community #buildingbridges #tomsteyer #redfored #bluewave #vote

Here’s to hoping adequate funding for education is at @rainbowsendflagstaff for #redfored! #flagstaff #weareflagstaff #rememberinnovember

We are tying up our pony and grabbing some supplies for the long trek ahead to #rememberinnovember. #redfored thanks @thewesternpost for their generosity. Giddy up cowboys and cowgirls! #flagstaff #weareflagstaff

Great day @crossfitmarana. Everyone put in great efforts and did awesome 🙌🙌🤜🏼🤛🏼

(Long post) My younger sister found this in my old bedroom. I was 8 years old at the time and drew my dream school. I will be honest I do not remember this day, no clue what the assignment was or why I decided to draw a school. What is clear to me though, is even at 8 I wanted my own schools. I am a strong believer that you are born with a God given passion. As time goes along, it becomes more polished but it is something that you are truly just given. I needed this reminder at this point in my life. The reminder that I am working in my gifting. The reminder that Burrell Academy will be successful and the reminder that I am on the right path, exactly where I am supposed to be. If you do not know what your passion is pray that it become clear, pray that fear be removed and you have the willingness to step into the field God wants you in. Pray for clarity, think about what gives you satisfaction; true satisfaction. When you are not utilizing your passion you are doing a disservice not only to the people in this world that need you but to yourself. Stepping away from a guaranteed salary and meeting God at his word is one of the most terrifying things I have ever done especially having a daughter that relies on me. However, God has never forsaken me so in my moments of doubt I pray and come across reminders like this one that it will all work out for the greater good. I humbly say Burrell Academy will start in my living room because that’s what I was guided to do. However, with God leading me the school will grow and prayerfully it will touch the live’s of families world wide. Now I am asking you... What is your passion? And how are you using it to uplift those around you?

Cupcakes to save the day!! Thank you so much @sugarandlace8272 for donating to our class party!! You're the real MVP. My kids were AMAZED by them! #bestdayever #cupcakes #phoenixbakery #redfored #goodpeople

#REDforED has been noodling for some funding...and some bomb noodles. @sosobaflg came to our rescue! 🙌🏼 #flagstaff #weareflagstaff #rememberinnovember