We took a quick trip to a local place tonight - you may know it - Niagara Falls! On our 8th wedding anniversary we wanted to hang with the kiddos and do something fun so we went up the Skylon Tower and wandered around the area for a bit. Seeing the dinosaurs 🦕 was a highlight for the kids, as was seeing the Falls from so high. ⚖️Our marriage has been anything but smooth sailing since we had kids. It’s hard to find time for each other, let alone a shower some days. We have had our share of roller coaster moments but as the kids grow it’s becoming less of a chore to find the headspace for each other and we are finding joy in moments that used to be our favourites - like goofy dance parties and making our own lyrics to songs about mundane activities; now we can do it with the kiddos and for a short time, they are loving our silliness! Taking the time to do things that make ME🙋🏼‍♀️, as an individual, feel good has been vital to bettering our relationship and being a better parent. I feel more balanced inside and like I’ve had that alone time to fill my cup so I can pass it on; without my home workouts and badass community of supportive women, I know I wouldn’t be in this happy place and no doubt it would’ve been a stretch to make it to 8 years. That’s some hard facts. So, I have to thank my husband for supporting me in my pursuit of ‘balance’, as well as my teammates, friends and family, and these 2 glorious kids for giving me so many things to smile about every day. 🙌 Can’t wait to see where the next 8 take us! 💜

S t r e t c h. Always. 🤸🏻‍♀️ . We did a killer #bodyweight class today which always crushes my legs. Stretch felt great! . I need my @bluejays to turn things around or I’m gonna start to get beat up wearing this shirt around! 🙈 . Have an awesome short week everyone! . Ps shoes are @underarmourca #phantomhovr and make working out feel like you’re walking on a ☁️! Highly recommend!!!

Why have I not played with #slomo before ?!? So much fun. With the wind up we took you would think we were jumping on top of a car 🚗 haha. But in our defense the bench was quite high!! . Took our @hannaheden_fitness workout outside today to the back deck and ninja gym! Thanks for joining me @michbicks 💪🏼 . #HappyVictoriaDay, friends!

😡YOU DON’T LOOK FIT😠 This statement makes me cringe when being used in the fitness community, not just about gym-goers looking to get healthy, but also between trainers & group x instructors within the industry struggling with their mindset regarding their own body. ❌❌ First, FITNESS is about FUNCTION...how well your body works and what it can do. True fitness is having the physical ability to ENJOY LIFE and do ANY activity you want at a moment’s notice. ✅✅ Fitness is NOT all about being lean, muscular and what you can observe from the outside...yet seems to be the criterion on how society judges being fit. Nothing wrong with wanting to look good, having a 6 pack and building confidence. I’m all for it and more power to you. In fact, that’s FANTASTIC! ✨Bottom Line✨ Don’t be discouraged from exercising (or teaching it in the industry) because of ridiculous stereotypes of how a fit body is “supposed” to look. I encourage you to just START, focus on YOU, be comfortable in your own skin, and have FUN. #functionalfitness #looksaredeceiving #nojudgement #justgettingstarted #workonyou

Big fan of this little move from the @80dayobsession ! That @autumncalabrese knows what she’s doin! 😉 . I really adore #resistanceloops because they’re super portable and can really amp up your workouts, anywhere 🌴☀️ . This #plankrow with kick through targets most parts of the body and works on those tiny little stabilizer muscles you may not even know you have !! . Happy Saturday, friends! Hope your long weekend is off to a killer start! . 😁😁😁

🏉 “Rugby is a game for barbarians, played by gentlemen.” - Oscar Wilde . Just a little morning movement in the mountains . It was a tough season, but it was stellar nonetheless. And really, how can you beat this view?!? Kind of a bummer waking up knowing there’s no game tomorrow. . 👇🏼 What’s your favorite spectator sport?? Comment below. • • • • #merrFITt #rugby #whatdoidowithmysaturdaysnow #getafterit💪🏼 #keepmoving #getstronger #getmoving #thatviewtho #mountains #missingitalready #finallyfriday #weekendvibes #sunnyday #friyay #fridayvibes #clouds #iphonephotography #fitnessfriday #findyourpassion #pasadena #favoritesport #fbf #quotesofinstagram #flashbackfriday #saturdayisarugbyday #fridayfeels #riseandsweat

this is what 5:45am looks like ⛅

Weird angle? .. maybe. Good position for a full bod stretch? YOU BET . My hamstrings are still killing me from workouts earlier in the week so this felt AWESOME . Old school @underarmourwomen outfit today and I got soooo many compliments on these fun and bright tights! Haha feels like summmmmerrrrr ☀️ . Happy Friday JR! (Of a long weekend too! Woooo!)

So this morning I did my first IRL workout with my BeachBody Coach @katiegardnerfitness and it was AMAZEBALLS. We whooped and hollered and danced and sweated and pedalled like it was our job (because it IS!) from 5:30am to 6:15am this morning. Thanks @cb_germantown for the Jay-Z vs Post Malone theme ride and to CycleStar Kirsten for keeping the energy high and for fixing the studio lights 🤣. Special shout out to my hometown CycleStar @mandy_pdxfitness for bringing CycleBar into my life - I LOVE IT. #riseandsweat #cyclebar #beachbody #cardio #beachbodycoach #shakeology #energize #spin #spintowin

We teamed up with @segway to bring you this tour of the new @sweatyoga #littletokyo studio! What a ride! For more unpredictable fun join me every T/Th at 7am and Saturdays at 8am for #riseandsweat !

Life is flux. — Heraclitus The sun is setting on my night classes @Circuit45! So come tonight for the last one...cause from now on you will only catch me there in the morning! I’m an #earlybird now! #riseandsweat ***Reminder! If you haven’t already you can get a complimentary week at Circuit 45 we have so many amazing classes!! Check it out 🙌🏼💪🏼🍑***

Learning to prioritize myself and strive to hit my goals without beating myself up over imperfections or getting off track has been a loooong process. I still struggle to stay positive when things don’t go as planned, but I’ve found so much relief in allowing things to happen as they may, and acknowledging that I’m on a lifelong journey to self-love and health. 💜 When you’re ready to quit on yourself, look in the mirror and tell yourself that even a little is better than nothing, slow and steady wins the race! 🐢


#onwednesdayswewearpink, and you can't sit with us if you don't workout at 6am @iheartcore 😝 #girlpower #riseandsweat

Are you “trying” to become healthier, kickstart your business, or whatever goal you have...OR...are you COMMITTING to it? One word makes a big difference. #commit #longtermgoals #noexcusesjustresults #noquitting

SO HAPPY about this ☀️!!!!!! . @gregwgnys and I had a tough workout this AM and I am SOREEEE from our workouts earlier in the week. Legs/hammies are screaming and I love it! . It’s #humpday friends! Enjoy the sunshine and crush the rest of your week!!!

#Coreburnout with #sliders! We finished off our class this way!! . 🤸🏻‍♀️ 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest 🤸🏻‍♂️ Repeat x 4 . ✔️ mountain climbers ✔️ plank jacks ✔️ plank to pike ✔️ kick unders ✔️ frog swimmers 🐸 . Feel the burn!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 . 👚👖👟: @underarmourca #willfindsaway #canadawill #unlikeany