◾P2B-01◾ . The SevenFriday P2B/01 reprises the industrial revolution inspired P-Series and the now infamous rounded square box. The multi level rose gold interface is encased in stainless steel with a polished dark grey PVD case. Sandblasted gun metal PVD animation ring and sun ray PVD bezel complete the P2B/01's new interpretation of vintage steam machines .

s k y 💙 Like a happy dream. May be in another city, another country, another timezone, another parallel universe, you are still waiting for me. And like a hopeless wanderer in a forest, like a famished girl in a war zone, like a creature meshed with darkness in another planet...I am still searching for you. The sky over us, so happy to see that both of us are willing to gaze at it and think about each other. 💙 #sky #skyporn #skyline

170/365 days of clouds 🌤