💪🏻One of the greatest decisions I have ever made for myself was deciding to be vulnerable about my weight loss journey. I’m rather quiet about my personal life... I don’t put much out there for the rest of the world, but I needed a way to keep myself honest, encouraged - 💪🏻 . ✨Deciding to be a coach has only enriched my experience. I’ve met so many incredibly women, working hard to overcome more than just weight loss. I’ve met some of my very favorite people in these women- they inspire me everyday.✨ . 💵What’s better? Thursday’s... Thursdays are coaching paydays... money that is helping me take my husband to Mexico for his 40th Birthday, money that’s helping take my family to San Diego for my sons baseball tournament in July and money I get to put towards 3 different college educations (mine ,my husbands and my daughter). I’m so grateful for the opportunity and I love sharing it with all of you!💵 . 🖤If you need a fresh start, a purpose or a hobby- I’d love for you to join my team. It’s an experience like none other. 🖤 #stepmomlife #stepmom #weightlosstips #baseballmom #pnw #seattle #mom #countrygirl #countrymusic #smalltown #recovery #newlife #leowife

Don't wait for a sign to start something you want. Get up and go for it! 👊 Helping other ladies reach their goals is something I love to do! 💖 I am looking for 5 boss babes who want to not only work on their own journey but share their story with others. The great thing is, you can do this part time! This is my side gig and it's so full filling to help others and get to hangout with an amazing tribe of women who inspire eachother everyday! Lets do this together love! 🤸‍♀️ Drop an emoji below for more info! 💋

These 2 fill my heart with so much joy. Their loud, they make accidentally make big sticky messes, they leave lights on, doors open and toys scattered everywhere. They throw tantrums in the stores that make you grit your teeth and say to then in their ear "if I have to tell you one more time" Sound familiar? There just kids, I remind my self so many times in a day, their just kids, they dont known by different... but I can get down to their level and talk to them, teach them right from wrong rather then yelling at them to stop doing something - that doesn't teach them respect or how to handle situations. Even changing the tone of your voice makes all the difference in the world. Their just little, living their little lives to the fullest! #stilllearning #summerlife #islandlife #relax #thereonlylittleonce #oilfieldwife #stepmom #lucky #wifeytomikey #summerfun