Most of the things that we beg God to take out of our lives are the very things that he has put there to shape our character and fulfill his purpose for us. #simplylife #godsplan #praisethroughpain #seeGodineverything #Godsbestforyou #nodoubt #purpose #fulllife #betrayal #backstabbers #twofaced #suffering #love

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As human beings, we are born onto the Earth and also into a family. Everything that happens in the family—genetics, words spoken, actions taken—shapes our lives. . I've been spinning and feeling thrown upside down lately. I think many have. These past few years I've been moving through a lot of my abuse and it has taken me by storm. Fuck, I'm 40 years old and just starting to ‘heal’ the trauma that I thought I had forgiven and let go of. Some days I dont even know how I will survive so much pain. . Yesterday I decided to go with it in practice consciously. One of the only things that make sense to me this lifetime are the limbs of yoga and a lot of movement. . Being upside down is kind of a radical movement against the natural flow of life (which many fear). If we can oppose the current, like salmon swimming upstream what could happen? . We are all born and we will all die, but the question is, can we redirect the powerful forces of sex, birth, and death toward a spiritual quest? Can we make it a kriya (a conscious action) . Turning the world upside down consciously can create a bigger vision. . May we make a commitment to bring our potential to this life. . . . . . . #upsidedown #yoga #yogi #family #cycles #cision #heaven #earth #change #letgo #goagainsttheflow #goagainstthestream #goagainsttheodds #pain #bondage #suffering #freedom #love

Yang makin kaya siapa Yang tanahnya dan lingkungannya rusak punya siapa Di Indonesia orang utan dan gajah jd korban keserakahan tokeh sawit😡😡 Jangan salahkan Tuhan #Regrann Hey Man 😡😡 where is your god, where is your religion?who say that : he created this world in 7 days and 7 nights, who gave the order to save ALL the animals after the Flood to Noah,,where is the most holy church?, where is the hunger, the poverty, the destruction of this planet, abuse, brutality, where is the power, riches, egoist, ambition, business, drugs, vices , family, love, respect, dreams and goals of humanity without a sense in every step HUMAN takes ,, HERE the PALM OIL's Effect IN ASIA , OCEANIA AND AFRICA 💔💔 #animalrights #animal #animales #human #nature #voice #rights #prayforanimals #future #conscience #empathy #love #life #asia #africa #australia #newzealand #forest #lost #losteverything #scaryfaces #suffering #painful #sadness #cantbelieveit #whereislove @vox_silentii @roxysgarden #shareit #thinkingabout ---via #voxsilentii 🦍🦍

Falta poco para esto🤟🏽🤞🏽 #moto #brokenbones #hard #crazyshit #suffering #TNTass 💥💥

ครั้งหนึ่งในชีวิต #suffering #happiness #tothenations #toreligion #tothegreatking #foryou i love you.

This is true • * • * • * • * • * #memes #dankmemes #kirby #kingdedede #srpelo #suffering

The land is still buzzing days after our New Moon Women’s gathering on Saturday. In the morning, the ladies and I each connected in with a flower on the property to create essences. Flower Essences allow us to work with plants through the subtle/energy bodies. These particular essences contain moon/crystal charged rose water, water from the sacred red and white spring in Glastonbury, and flowers harvested from our property. We sent all of our love and intentions into our bowls, let them sit in the sunlight, and soak in the magic of the day. _ Each month I’ll have space for 8 women to come and participate in the remembering of these ancient traditions. We will align ourselves to the cycles and the rhythms of the earth, based on the Shamanic Celtic Medicine Wheel. By healing our relationship to the Earth, we can find deeper healing within ourselves, and live in harmony to the heartbeat of the planet. These circles are for like-minded women who are committed to authentically uncovering their truth and connection to higher self. As we come together in circle, we begin to heal the mirage of separation or "otherness" and explore our sacred and divine femininity. As a woman fully surrendered to the wisdom of Goddess/Mother/Gaia/Earth, I am committed to helping women remember your magical, wild, mystical, powerful selves so that you can show up fully to serve the world in whichever way you are called to show up. _ Do you feel curious to learn more? Is there a whispering in your heart asking you to remember who you are? If you would like to be added to the exclusive mailing list for these intimate circles in #crotononhudson, please DM me, comment below or write into [email protected] Spaces will be limited. **for my Backcare students** All embodiment practices (Yoga or otherwise) will be safe to practice if you have back issues. However, at some circles we sit on blankets/bolsters for tea and meditation and hike the land, so I ask that you can do these two things comfortably if you wish to attend. _ **If a group setting doesn’t feel right for you because of your physical condition, I also offer private alignment/energy healing ceremonies

You cannot separate yourself from the world. We are all connected, like several cells of one no living breathing organism. Separation is the biggest illusion, one that is inflicting more pain on us too. Listen to any person who went through ritual abuse and you’ll never ask yourself again why the world is in this state... it’s not mental health issues we are dealing with, it’s TRAUMA and if it’s not healed the memories are passed unto the next generation. I wish I could tell you that that is single occurrences but the abuse and magnitude of the pain inflicted on children every fucking single day is bigger than any of us can imagine. And if you’re denying that some of that stuff is real you are part of the fucking problem! Ignorance has never resolved anything, we need to face the reality if we want to change it. Whatever you are not willing to look at is a part of yourself, again, we are all connected. We can’t fight fire with fire either, that will only create more of it. Most people who suffered from abuse have a higher chance of becoming an abuser themselves than the chance of healing! The people inflicting the pain know more about trauma, the human psyche or mind control than those in the mental health system that are supposed to be helping people heal, it’s a fucking joke. Instead they give out pills like candy. There is nothing wrong with „mentally ill“ people, there is everything wrong with this system, not taking people seriously and treating them like they are ill instead of trying to understand their pain and helping them honor their feelings. The only solution to any problem on this planet is real #healing. It happens through facing the pain and emotions to transform them, but it can be done in save ways. What you heal in yourself you heal for all. I know that what I’m moving through sometimes is not just my own stuff, it’s that I’m connected to everything and I could push it aside as if it wasn’t mine and numb myself with alcohol, food, distractions.... But I chose to be present if I feel pain even if I don’t understand where it is coming from Continued ⬇️

^Feelings of sadness, tearfulness, emptiness or hopelessness.Angry outbursts, irritability or frustration, even over small matters.Loss of interest or pleasure in most or all normal activities.Sleep disturbances, including insomnia or sleeping too much.Tiredness, weight loss/gain. Anxiety, suicidal thoughts, headaches.Feelings of worthlessness or guilt, fixating on past failures or self blame - these all symptoms are familiar to us. It's nothing other but D E P R E S S I O N 🧠 Nowadays 92% people are suffering from depression and mostly these are Teenagers. Take it Seriously, Get some Help, Eat Clean ¬Green tea 🍵 ¬Spinach/Broccoli 🥦 ¬Almonds n Nuts 🥜 ¬Milk n Youghurt 🥛 ¬Bananas🍌 ¬Dark Chocolate 🍫 ¬Salmon 🐠 These foods are really effective in reducing Stress n Depression. 💯 Some other ways include; °Think Positive 💭 °Read Books 📚 °Say your Prayers 📿 °Practice Yoga🧘🏻‍♀️ °Do your Excercises 🏋🏻‍♀️ °Manage your Time ⌚ °Spend time with your Friends 👭 In the end I would suggest that y'll have to move on. Forget the Past,Live the Present and Plan Future. 🌟 I hope this will help you guys.😺 #depression #stress #anxiety #help #fitness #healthy #selfhelp #selfcare #life #positivity #goodvibesonly #excercise #happyliving #friends #spiritiualhelp #positivevibes #suffering #frustration #angry #sadness #insomnia #suicidicalthoughts #weightyissues #guilt #pastfailures #selfblame #lifelessons

II Corinthians 4:16-18... When we are in the midst of suffering the best thing to do is look at the big picture. There will be an end to it. And it’s working out something in us that will be beautiful. #suffering #thinkonthesethings #scripturewriting