Это потрясающее чувство, когда находишься в гармонии с самим собой: ничего не может задеть и расстроить тебя по-настоящему, и любые неприятности воспринимаются не хуже, чем дождик солнечным летним днём. Он на улице временно, а у меня есть зонтик. 😊☔

After all the grey days I am so pleased to see the sun again 🌞 #sunshineaftertherain #swanseabay #swansea #sunshine #florist #floristry

When you lose someone dear, your whole life turns upside down. You don’t know what do do, where to go, how to feel. You ask: why? Again and again, but you know there’s nobody out there to give you an answer. Maybe you start cursing your life. Wishing to be gone, just like the one you’ve lost. I did. And you can’t blame me. I didn’t know better. Nobody does, when you lose someone. Death seems unfair, and it often comes without a warning. But looking back now - now that 8 years have passed - I see how many positive things have been arising from the ashes of loss, pain, and anger. The ones who pass away leave behind a big hole inside your heart, but they also leave so much love, precious memories - and strength. Dealing with loss, and death, and pain - it makes you stronger. And after a while, you‘ll be able to see how many roses have grown out of the dried out ground of bitterness. Those roses might have thorns, and maybe they’re small, but they turn out to grow even more beautiful than you could have expected. This will never ever justify the death of someone beloved. But it might give you hope and trust that even after the darkest night, the sun will rise again. Keep the faith. Keep going. #keepthefaith #keepgoing #loss #deathisnottheend #goodbye #memories #bittersweet #neverforget #love #inspiration #overcome #youarestrongerthanyouthink #roses #smallthingsmatter #alwaysinourhearts #upsidedown #lifeisstrange #brokenheartsheal #standyourground #sunshineaftertherain #foreverfriends #forevermissed #foreverloved

Look what I found #sunshineaftertherain