Today in Switzerland we hiked to a gorgeous waterfall, rode a cable car to the top of the alps where fog consumed everything, had amazing views of rolling hills of green, and felt like we were in a post card. Fun times exploring with my mom and sister 🎒 . . . #travel #visitswitzerland #switzerland #swiss #cheese #sightseeing #view #hiking #explore #rain #alps #swissalps #family #sisters #motherdaughter #wanderlust

A lenda do lago azul.... . . ✏ Era uma vez um pequeno lago no vale de Kalnder parecido com qualquer outro lago alpino. Uma empregada que morava ali perto se apaixonou por um pastor e eles começaram a remar juntos no lago para ficarem sozinhos nas noites iluminadas e românticas de luar. . ✏Um certo dia, o pastor caiu de um penhasco e faleceu. Noite após noite, a empregada inconsolável remava para o meio do lago para lamentar sua perda. Certa manhã, seus pais descobriram que sua filha se afogara e o barco afundara com ela no fundo do lago. . ✏Naquele dia, o lago misteriosamente mudou de cor, tornando-se de um intenso azul profundo e da mesma cor dos olhos da empregada apaixonada! . ➡Para aqueles que preferem fatos, o lago foi criado por um deslizamento de terra há mais de 15.000 anos. O lago cristalino é alimentado por fontes subterrâneas que mantêm a água a uma temperatura constante, ideal para as muitas trutas que vivem nela. . . . 🇱🇷Once upon a time, this little lake in the Kander Valley looked just like any other alpine lake. A maid lived close by and when she fell in love with a shepherd they started to row out onto the lake to find some alone time in the bright and romantic moonlit nights. One day the Shepherd fell off a cliff to his death. Night after night, the inconsolable maid rowed out to the middle of the lake to mourn her loss. One morning her parents found her daughter had drowned and the boat had sunk with her to the bottom of the lake. On that day the lake had mysteriously changed its colour to the intense deep blue shade of the eyes of the tragically enamored maid. For the ones who prefer facts, the lake was created by a landslide more than 15'000 years ago. The crystal clear lake is fed by underground springs which keep the water at a constant cool temperature, ideal for the many trout living in it. . . . #blausee #travelblogger #swissalps #caumasee #seealpsee #placestovisit #zermatt #switzerland #switzerlandtrips #switzerlandpics #swisspics #swissplaces #beautifulswitzerland #swissmade #visitswitzerland #inlovewithswitzerland #suiça #destinosimperdiveis #vivopeIomundo #estilostyle2018 #beautifuldestinations

Switzerland really suprised me. I liked it so much more than I thought I would.

It doesn’t get much clearer than this.

8.14.15 ❤️ I love you’re kind eyes and hardworking spirit, that you feel most alive in the mountains, and always push me to be better. You’re an incredible human. #schwabyadventures #3years

Horror movie set.